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Government Export Supervision Schemes

Stewart Inter Sea have experience and are able to offer Export Supervision Schemes on the African Continent.

We work closely with Governments to safeguard their interests and fully protect them with regard to verification of Quantity thus ensuring the following:

  • Bill of Ladings truly reflect the quantity shipped by the exporter.
  • Verifying the quality, where quality may have a reflection on pricing.
  • Fiscal Auditing, this service enabling at a glance, the true position on fiscal losses due to incorrect practices with metering or other issues.

Meter auditing is also a service which ensures that meters at export or collecting facilities (Crude Oil), are properly calibrated and records maintained to manufacturers standards.This is a service becoming more and more standard on the African Continent, as mechanical failings easily resort to losses. Our superintendents easily identify shortfalls in maintenance and record keeping in this field of operation.

Government Export Supervision Schemes may include the following procedures: ·

  • Fiscal auditing (Undertaken by qualified Chartered Accountants)
  • Product quantity and quality control
  • Pipeline monitoring
  • Point of export monitoring and controlling
  • Custodial document generation and auditing
  • Custodial transfer monitoring